Internet Marketing For Social Networks

FB Echo Review ImageThis is a good week for those who work in the internet marketing field. Affiliates who promote offers have been trying to figure out how best to utilize Facebook (and others) to get their message out and gain new customer.

Starting late this week there’s a new software coming out called FB Echo. Its developer, Jason Fladlien, said he built it from the ground up to be fast and simple to use, almost push-button simple, in his words.  If true, this could be monumental.

I say “if” because it hasn’t been release yet so I have no way of testing it. I found some reviews like this one over at Money Blogger, which looks inside FB Echo and how it will help, but there’s no real hands on analysis to be found just yet. Though based on what I’ve read from some of the top affiliates I am almost positive this one will be a winner.

But let’s get back to the “why.” Why is this expected to be such a big deal? Social media is the new Wall Street of online marketing. If it’s being made, announced, sold, used, shared, sung, written, etc… it’s being done on Facebook and company. In an article over at SocialMediaToday, in an article titled “3 Ways Your Mom Is Better Than You at Facebook,” they wrote about the emerging buyer class on Facebook… older Americans.

While Facebook isn’t happy to see a decline in their teenage audience, the sharp rise in adults using the platform is actually better for them, and us. These people have money to buy, they have “real” friends they are online with and chatting about local events, etc… These are the movers and shakers you want if you’re marketing online. Not many 14 year olds can pop out a credit card and buy what you’re selling. Moms and dads, on the other, can and do.

So it was for those reasons that I was actually pretty glad to see some new software being developed which made it easier to actually uses these sites for marketing, because, well, it isn’t necessarily all that easy (at least not time-friendly). So now I’m thinking that I can actually get some of my affiliate offers in front of more people by using the power of Fan Pages tailored to niche interests, which is kind of what the FB Echo developers had in mind anyway.

The fact that the process of managing campaigns across the social sites has been such a time hog, means many more marketers feel like I do and they’ll probably also see the massive benefit these new programs are going to bring. FB Echo, specifically, is said to be capable of posting across multiple Fan Pages (as many as you set up) and keep them updated automatically with a new status or your latest offer… on autopilot.

Now I’m not sure exactly how that works, but it sounds good. The Facebook software then “echoes” that content back to a WordPress blog if you like, giving you twice the bang for your content dollars. But here’s the real sweet spot. The things that you post on your pages can be cool product images,  videos, whatever you want. And when people click these naturally appearing posts they go to “your” site and not another Facebook page. Meaning you can capture more leads and get your offer directly in front of more people.

Here’s a YouTube video of the software, but it doesn’t give too much in the way of a product demonstration (it hasn’t even been released). Let me know what you think about this… are you using social media to market your offers, or planning to?

YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video MarketingVideo marketing is nothing new, but it is the new frontier according to many of the leading experts. YouTube has grown into a wildly popular behemoth that now sits as the second largest search engine in the world. Since Google also owns YouTube it’s clear to see that mastering these two search engines makes for some really good leveraging of your visual content.

Update March 1, 2014 – Video Vantage is no longer available. The developers have said that after the initial release period it would no longer be available, and they were right. So if you missed this one, sorry. If you’re a blogger or affiliate be sure to check out the review of Premium SEO Rizer below.

So if video marketing isn’t new, why does it seem like everyone is talking about it these days? Put quite simply, it’s because for the first time we’re seeing clear evidence that video is inching its way closer to surpassing written media as the largest information delivery platform. MegaChipTech says “Online Video Marketing: It’s a Big Deal.” Why? As they write, web pages which include a video are 50 times more likely to grab the front page of Google search than those without! Now that’s enough to grab your attention.

 How Big Is The Video Marketing Industry?

Aside from the fact that more than one million videos are viewed every day, there’s the monetary side of the matter. Since we know that video marketing is taking the lead in terms of online sales, then it stands to reason that since this is a $30 billion industry (direct sales), there’s a lot of money on the table here.

Even big brands are now leaving traditional print and even television and joining the much more lucrative and easy to produce online video market. The tough part is, as you might have guessed, getting your content to rank in the search engines. Think about it. Even the best video ever make by man is essentially worthless if no one ever finds (sees) it. Which is where search engines, and more specifically ranking, comes into question.

There’s even a new software designed specifically for the purpose of aiding marketers in getting their YouTube videos ranked. It essentially takes their video information, along with other user-created information, and scours the web for thousands of bookmarking and backlinking opportunities, and submits them on virtual auto-pilot. Here’s a video which shows more about Video Vantage and what it can do.

As you can see, given how important it is for top search rankings, software like this is going to become in high demand and almost essential for anyone wanting to earn from the video creations; especially if you factor in the exponential growth (thus competition) in this industry. Here’s another review of this software if you’re interested.

Whether or not video takes the lead as the King of online marketing platforms, which it will (is), smart marketers will be wise to get ahead of the competition and start mastering their video backlink strategies and creating a wider path of opportunities for networking. That is, it will become increasingly difficult to go it alone and bookmark as you go. Marketers will need to create partnerships and networks who share each others content and backlinks and social awareness.

I have started taking advantage of video as a method of marketing in recent months, so like a lot of other people I’ll be eying software like Video Vantage and anything else which can give me an edge. I have seen the amount of earnings potential that video has, so getting ahead of the stiff competition is my game plan.

SEO Rizer WordPress Plugin

Premium SEO Rizer PluginKeeping in line with my most recent post, today I’m writing about a new plugin for WordPress that address search engine optimization. I’m talking about Premium SEO Rizer.

As a blogger I know full well the importance of SEO, and how difficult it is to write articles which are engaging but which also have an opportunity to rank in search engines. On any given topic there are thousands upon thousands of possible pages you could read. Having your page on that topic be on the first page (or two) of search engine results is the holy grail of blogging and internet marketing.

Typically, most of us use old-fashioned SEO, meaning we know what our keywords are (what the main topic is) and then we make sure that our article uses that keyword and derivatives throughout the page, so that search engines know exactly what we’re talking about. For example, if I didn’t mention SEO Rizer plugin again right here, Google might think I’m writing about blogging in general, which isn’t my internet. I want people who are search for this particular plugin to find this page.

That’s not going to happen because at the moment there are a lot of marketers vying for that coveted first page ranking, so I would have to have a rather lengthy post and ensure that it’s popular enough to be linked to from other sites. Instead my intent when writing this particular article is to provide fresh new content so that this blog, overall, benefits from the freshness and new content.

All of that being said, the point is that SEO isn’t easy and it involves a lot of things such as site speed and page load times, the bounce rate (do people land on the site and click on ANOTHER post or page, or leave right away), and also signals from other sites on whether your content is good (via backlinks and mentions). There are a lot of moving parts to each of those, of course, and so I hope you can see that it is quite involved.

Thankfully, for WordPress users in particular, the Premium SEO Rizer plugin solves a lot of those problems and does much of the leg-work for us. Here’s a great review which I won’t try to replicate here due to time constraints, but it sheds some light on what many bloggers think will become the new Gold Standard for WordPress SEO.

This SEO plugin is more comprehensive than any I’ve seen, with over a dozen modules that help you do things like monitor social network activity for each individual post or page on your site, it connects directly to Google Analytics so you can monitor your site right from the Admin Panel, and it also builds backlinks. How comprehensive is it? Most of us have individual plugins for things like managing 301 redirects (I use Pretty Link) and monitoring 404 errors (I use a separate plugin for that)… with Premium SEO Rizer it’s all built-in to one tidy and efficient little plugin.

So if I sound a little excited about it, I am! It was due to release February 3, but I read that due to an injury to one of the developers the release date has been pushed back for a few days (weeks?). In the end, however, this will likely be the most coveted SEO plugin of the year and certainly one which becomes standard for people who blog for a living (or internet marketers). Have a look and see what you think.

Covert PinPress WordPress Theme

Covert PinPress WordPress ThemeThere’s a new product out (or a re-launch technically) called Covert PinPress WordPress Theme, which is built to resemble and function much like Pinterest does, with the specific purpose of providing a more visual interaction with blog visitors.

If you haven’t seen or heard of this theme its worth your time to take a look. From the looks of it theme is pretty light-footed and simple to install, which is really good news for anyone who blogs for a living. More often than not the coolest theme or the ones with the best features are often quite cumbersome or require a degree in php coding to use effectively.

PinPress is set to be officially launched next week, and this is version 2.0. According to the developer this isn’t simply a repackaging of an old theme, but rather a complete overhaul with systems designed to reflect the most recent changes in the various social networks, specifically Pinterest and Facebook, both of which are directly connected to your content on a PinPress blog.

I haven’t received a review copy of the product as of yet, though I have checked out many of the written and video reviews, like the one cited earlier, and from everything I can tell this theme seems to be quite capable in terms of driving traffic and engaging blog readers in a way that almost forces new viral traffic. In fact the visual appeal to this theme is that it looks almost strikingly similar to Pinterest and no visitor is going to have to figure out what to do… thanks to Pinterest readers already know intuitively how to share and like posts and images, and they do it a lot.

Another thing which stands out about this release is the price tag. From what I can see it looks like the introductory price is set at $27, and I’ve never bought a premium theme for that low of a price before; and I’ve bought quite a few over the years. So it seems that the price point alone is going to attract new bloggers to give the theme a try, even if they aren’t that much interested in social marketing. Here’s a closer look:

Which leads us into another point… social marketing is in the minds of many professional bloggers and industry experts the wave of the future. That is, in the media age people are going to lean more and more on social networks as a way of reading (and sharing) relevant news and stories. What that means, of course, is that bloggers who’ve previously relied on content-heavy sites to lure and keep readers are going to have to either accept a diminishing part of the internet marketing pie, or get on board with new technology like the PinPress theme.

In the end, I think it will be access to new and engaging interfaces like PinPress that will help usher in the last hoards towards social marketing. After all, there’s such a wide open area for these marketers to reach potential customers and viewers that it only makes sense.

Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Best Stocking Stuffers For KidsThe best stocking stuffers for kids aren’t necessarily expensive or even unique. When children run to their stocking in excitement of something new to play with or eat, it’s the sheer joy of the unknown, the surprise, that triggers their smiles and emotion. Unless your family has made a tradition of placing expensive gifts into your child’s over-size socks, then rest assured that yours will be over-joyed with whatever you lovingly place inside.

A good mixture of stuff is my approach. I like to include candies, both hard and chewy, and then some age appropriate toys or little gadgets if they’re older. I’ve even used small, travel sized games. For smaller children its always a winner to include simple things like bouncy balls, spinning tops, stickers, and even Hot Wheels. Here are some of my favorite small and inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas at Amazon.

Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Here’s a great video as well if you haven’t already made your own Christmas Stockings. In the video you’ll learn how to do it, step by step, and create your own unique holiday tradition. If you would like to buy a stocking kit to make it easier, but still do it yourself, Amazon has lots of Christmas Stocking Ideas.

Here some more of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas:

    • Have you ever played Treasure Hunt with your children? When our son was young we would hide one or two of his larger presents, and then place instructions inside his stocking (tucked inside a plastic egg or something). Then you get to enhance the fun family time even more as you watch your child follow the clues towards their amazing Christmas present. So, for example, the first clue that he would find inside the toy would lead him, to say, his dog’s favorite sleeping spot. Once there he would discover the next clue, and so on. This is a guaranteed way to spice up the experience and is one of the very best stocking stuffers for kids.
    • Be sure to stuff in some long candy canes so that your child sees them right away before they even get to the stocking. These Jumbo Peppermint Sticks are a great choice.
    • I always like to have something personal in there, too. How about some of their favorite homemade cookies, or brownies? Maybe it’s a picture of mom and dad next to new bike, which happens to be hidden in the closet with a nice big bow on it.
    • Tickets are always great stocking stuffers for children. This can be to their favorite new movie, a gift certificate for a cool new game or CD, or whatever they’ve been wanting. Maybe it’s tickets to fly and see Grandma and Grandpa!
    • I read of one family where the father was serving away in the military and couldn’t be there, so he sent a video to greet the children on Christmas morning. Mom placed the tv remote in one of the stockings with a note that said watch me. Of course she had the video set up to play once they turned the tv on, but what an amazing surprise and gift! Love is the best stocking stuffers ever.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Remember, of course, what Christmas and the season is all about. If your family is one of faith then its appropriate to include some themed stickers, coloring books or ornaments. The bottom line is that as a family its about love, sharing and caring… remembering how precious love is. I hope you found this article helpful and found some new stocking stuffers for kids.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The best stocking stuffer ideas for kids should revolve around the desire to keep it loving and personal, and also small and inexpensive (for the most part).

Paper Airplanes Galore

Paper AirplanesPaper airplanes are fun, let’s be honest. Who didn’t build their own creation as a little kid or compete with their brothers and sisters to see which one flew the furthest? And surprisingly, or maybe not, there’s been a resurgence of interest in paper airplanes lately and a new site, Paper Plane Mafia, pays homage to the craft that so many have enjoyed. The site says that they chose the name because they wanted to have a play on words, because the hobby, to them, is serious fun… I kind of like it.

For example, did you know that last year a 880 pound paper airplane was dropped from over 3,000 feet in what may be the largest paper airplane ever to fly? And, that it was designed by a 12-year-old? I didn’t either, but after coming across this website about “paper airplanes” I learned a whole lot more. Another example of the types of things you’ll find are the flight dynamics of paper plane flight… specifically the four forces of flight that affect them and how you can apply that knowledge the next time you make one.

Speaking of making one, the site also boasts some really cool videos and picture instructions, and I really appreciate that they make it easy so that even children can follow along, but yet fun enough that everyone enjoys it. As I mentioned earlier, there’s a new-found interest in paper planes and there’s even contests around the world where entrants attempt to break world records in flight (air) time, distance, and aerobatics (loops and such). Paper Plane Mafia has alluded to the fact that they may be sponsoring some upcoming contests so it’ll be interesting to see what they put together.

Paper Airplanes

A Design Tool

One of the latest additions to the site is a cool new Paper Airplane Design tool which makes is super simple for anyone to be the architect of their own design and creation. I’ve played around with it some and it really does help visualize how different folds and styles might look, and perhaps fly. It’s for sure something every kid would love to play with, so if you’re not interested in paper airplanes yourself but have children, be sure to show it to them.

Paper Pane Mafia

Another thing that struck me about the Paper Plane Mafia site is that they seem genuinely interested in helping others learn about the craft, and there are pages like the History of Paper Airplanes and one on How They Fly. While I’ve built these things since I was little, I truly never thought about where and how it all started. As it turns out, people have been making them for over 100 years, and it seems to have spun out of man’s pursuit of actual flight.

Back in the 1800′s there weren’t a lot of advanced means by which engineers could create mock-ups or drafts of their designs like they do today on computers or with plastic or clay moldings. Back then developers used paper to create a model of their design, and the rest is of course, history. Here’s an image of the paper airplane that Butler and Edwards (Britain) patented in 1867 as the concept for their proposed aircraft. It really resembles paper airplanes of today, don’t you think?

Delta Wing Paper Airplane

I’m glad to have found this site and I admit that I’m looking forward to making some paper airplanes now. And I’m sure my own kids are going to love it! Take a look and let me know what you think.





Custom Paracord Bracelet

Custom Paracord Bracelet

If you’re looking to create a custom paracord bracelet then I think I’ve found the ultimate answer. I recently came across this site ( where you can literally choose from the top paracord bracelet designs, and select your favorite color(s) and buckle type, all for just a few dollars more than the basic, plain-Jane bracelets we’ve all seen around like the Cobra knot survival bracelet. Why is this so cool? Because there isn’t any other place that I know which let’s you totally customize your own survival bracelet… and they’re handmade!

I’ve written about the cool 550 cord that people use to make awesome paracord projects and other unique items, but the hobby has gotten more and more popular over the past year so I began looking to see what other folks are doing, at the different styles of survival bracelets? Of course Pinterest is full of examples and ideas of the wild stuff people have created, but since I’m talking about ParacordBands I though I’d give you a few examples of the types of custom paracord bracelet you could create.

Custom Paracord Bracelet

…. in many types and styles

The one pictured above is the popular SideWinder. I also really like the Fishtail, below, and for a lot of people the somewhat smaller diameter of the weave makes it ideal for smaller wrists. And with a virtually unlimited number of colors to chose from it makes an awesome personalized paracord bracelet.

Fishtail Unique Paracord Bracelet

There’s a discussion over at a Google Community (Paracord Bracelet HQ) about ParacordBands, and one of the pictures I noticed was this one, below, of the custom double flatline paracord band. It’s one I hadn’t seen much before and I suspect it’ll become more and more popular.

Custom Double Flatline Paracord BandWhen I said there is virtually no limit to the style and type of custom paracord bracelet that you can create, I meant it. They even have reflective (tracer) cord and almost any type of buckle you can think of, even a SWAT paracord bracelet. Did I mention that they’re also handmade in Alaska by true craftsmen? One of my other all-time favorites is this one, the custom Viper… imagine this one with some cool colors and a metal buckle!

Custom Viper Paracord Band

Unique Handmade Paracord Bracelets

Finally, I would like to remind you that when you buy a paracord or survival bracelet elsewhere, its almost always stock, and not custom made, and its almost always made in China or somewhere else. Buying from ParacordBands means you’re supporting small business and real craftsmen, and your buying pure Alaskan! While I make most of my bracelets myself, I think this is an awesome opportunity to give the gift of uniqueness to someone you care about… maybe in their favorite (or school) colors. If you know someone who walks or runs a lot, get them one of these in the reflective cord to give them added safety to go with the coolness.

Check them out and see how many cool designs they have… custom paracord bracelet.

Instagram Update Android

Instagram Android Update

Instagram Update Android

Its time for yet another Instagram update Android users are getting used to. This war between Vine and Instagram is going to be the death of me! Whoever comes out on top, Twitter or Facebook, consumers had better be pleased with the end result or this update roller coaster ride may leave a bitter taste in our mouths.

Here’s the link to Android Central where you can get the latest information on Instagram and Android.

Instagram for Android 2011 was the first exposure to what would become a wildly popular content app for millions. Now that video is being added to the mix, as the two bullies fight it out for market share, we’re being subjected to bug fixes, tweaks and updates on an increasingly more frequent basis.

Why Another Instagram Update For Android

Look, we all know that this push for short video on our favorites platforms is something we want, and use, so in the end we silently go through the motions as these new platforms find their feet. With Instagram allowing for up to 15 seconds of video, Vine is now finding ways to make their own, shorter offering more appealing and in line with what Twitter says is consumer preference. But realistically, who doesn’t like the idea of a 15 second clip better than a mere 6 second ride? That one difference alone should have Viners alarmed. So while I write this directed towards the latest Instagram update Android user’s must endure, the real question is what Vine users are going through… will they make the move?

Here’s where I see the real problem for Vine… with Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, users will now be able to log into Instagram through Facebook directly, and we all know how massive the Facebook community is… it’s virtually everyone! I read somewhere that there are over 130 Million Instagram users worldwide… that’s a number to be taken seriously, which is why Facebook did.

If you need to update your Apple device here’s a link to the iTunes Instagram iOS update.

And here’s the link for Google’s Instagram update Android download.

If you’re wondering what, exactly, we’re getting in this latest Android update, here’s a CNET video highlighting it:

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Best Tablet For Traveling – Astonishing Value

Best Tablet For Traveling

Best Tablet For TravelingAs someone who has traveled extensively for business and pleasure I feel uniquely qualified to call out what I believe to be the best tablet for traveling. I’ll mention another tablet later in the post, but among the best tablets for international travel (and domestic) is the Kindle Fire HD from Amazon. Here’s why its the champion in tablet travel.

1) Cost – While clearly not everyone has to pinch pennies, but even people who have money understand value. When I was looking for my last tablet or laptop for travel I was fully aware that a couple things are likely to happen during the journey. There is a high likelihood that I’ll drop the tablet or otherwise damage it (pool accidents do happen with Mai Tai in hand!). And there’s an above average chance that some lowlife is going to help themselves to it when I least expect it. Sure, they make insurance for a reason… and a price. The best tablet for traveling has to be one that is cost-effective.

2) International – In the old days I lugged around power adapters to convert my clunky equipment when I was aborad. So one of the things I like about these new devices are that they’re powered by USB, meaning virtually every airport and town is going to have an Internet Cafe where I can power up and recharge my tablet. I can also buy a cheap USB adapter in the host country country which simple plugs in while I’m in my hotel room. But here’s the catch. If you choose the already pricier iDevices (you know who I’m talking about) you not only spent hundreds more up front, you also pay a lot more on the back end because as always, they chose to have a proprietary cable (Lightening Connector) rather than follow the industry standard of USB or mini-USB adapters. One more reason in a long list of them why I won’t buy iDevices. The best tablet for business traveler is one which doesn’t require bulky or pricey cables and adapters.

3) Utility – I discovered first hand how great the Kindle Fire HD tablet was for Europe travel a few weeks ago. As you know, the Kindle line was born as a top tier ebook reader years ago, but has morphed into the best computer for traveling, not just a book reader. With the industries “leading” graphics display you’ll fall in love with the crisp and true HD movies. But of course, most of us like to read and here’s where Amazon has simply crushed the competition, and why they’ve sold millions and millions of these… there is no better reading experience, period, than the new Kindle Fire HD tablets. And Amazon makes it one-click easy to pick and grab a new book on the go, so you simply tap on the book cover from your screen and start reading. But of course there are tons of games, apps, mail, Internet surfing… all the things you would expect from your tablet. One last thing… the built in, dual antennae Wi-Fi is the best and strongest in its class. Read this article on what a Kindle can do for more information.

Best Tablet For Traveling

A Quick Comparison

Below is a quick chart I made showing the major differences between the top three contenders for the title of “Best Tablet For Traveling“. You should know that on virtually every site you go to which alleges that they’re an “honest” or “unbiased” reviewer, they conveniently compare this $199 Kindle Fire HD to the nearly $600 iPad… instead of more “fairly” comparing it to the iPad Mini. The Kindle wasn’t designed for, nor does any living soul claim that it is better than an iPad… at $400 less its no wonder.

What the Kindle is, though, is better than the iPad Mini… here’s why:

Comparing Best Tablets For Travel

Kindle Fire HD Is The Best Tablet For Traveling

So as you can see, on many of the specifications that matters, like the High Definition screen which kills the other two, or the two speakers versus “one” on the iPad Mini, or even the larger screen and higher pixel count, the Kindle is superior. Then there’s the “Gorilla Glass” that you get with a Kindle, but which iPad Mini owners don’t get (just one more way iDevices save money at YOUR expense). Does Gorilla Glass matter? If you don’t like scratches, nicks and dings on your tablet then yes, it matters a lot. While Kindle shows transparently why they’re they best, the others are using inferior quality but using their “fan base” to carry the iFlag.

I review all kinds of products and one thing is certain- even though I’m affiliated with Amazon and other vendors I clearly state when one product is better than the other. In this case I personally chose and bought the Kindle Fire HD because I believe it is superior, dollar for dollar. So you’ll ultimately choose for yourself which is the best tablet for traveling, but I hope I’ve given you a better perspective of the things that might matter to you, too.

The Swedish Fireknife from Mora

Light My Fire Swedish Mora KnifeThe Swedish Fireknife from Mora includes a ‘Light My Fire’ fire starter. I love Mora knives, and always have. The high quality steel used in their blades is unequaled and the quality had made the company legendary among outdoor enthusiasts. Now they have the Fireknife which combines everything you love in their knives with a built in “Light My Fire” fire steel. Does it get any better?

Ask any outdoorsman, survivalist or professional and they will tell you that the Swedish Mora knife is far and away the leader in rugged, reliable and high quality knives, with blades made of the purest metals designed to hold the sharpest edge longer than any competitor. Pair that with the leading ‘Light My Fire’ fire starter and you have what is being hailed as the greatest single piece of survival equipment ever. Did I mention rugged?Light My Fire Swedish Mora Knife Fire Starting Could anything be worse than your knife snapping in half while in the filed, when you need it most? That is precisely why people love and trust this knife.

But there’s more… you would expect that such a knife would cost top dollar, but the Swedish Mora is under $30 at Amazon.

How can you possibly improve upon such a piece or work? By using paracord you can make your favorite knife even cooler. One of the most popular lanyard weaves for knives is the Cyclonic Flow, which is an easy knot to work. Here’s a page a FusionKnots on making this one, shown below.

Cyclonic Flow Knife Lanyard

But you can also use what is perhaps equally as popular for such lanyards, the Crown Sinnet.The problem I have with knife lanyards is that it can’t be so large as to interfere with actually using the knife, although I suppose that outside of the truest survival situations how much are we ‘really” Crown Sinnet Knife Lanyardusing our survival knives? And in those cases we would probably be removing the lanyard to use the paracord, which is why we make these things to begin with. So in that case, I guess the Crown Sinnet makes a good choice because it provides so much more paracord to be used later.

The Crown Sinnet is simple to make and here’s a great YouTube video showing how to easily make it. The thing to note is that as you can see in my image here, its best to create a 2″ dongle off of the knife lanyard hole itself creating a simple loop, off which you then build the Crown Sinnet lanyard. If you start making the lanyard directly off of the knife handle it won’t have room to move around freely and will stick out from the knife in a not-s-good way.

The bottom line is that you will absolutely love this knife and it’ll be one you own (and use) for ever. Do yourself a favor, search high and low and see if you can find a world-class knife for under $30, and then see if you can find one which includes a world-class fire starter. You see what I mean, this is the greatest deal on survival knives that you’ll ever find. Over 80 Amazon reviewers have rated it and the knife enjoys a 4.7 out of 5 star rating, which is almost unheard of… its that good. Spruce it up with some paracord and people will look.

Swedish Mora Light My Fire At Amazon