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Internet Marketing For Social Networks

This is a good week for those who work in the internet marketing field. Affiliates who promote offers have been trying to figure out how best to utilize Facebook (and others) to get their message out and gain new customer. Starting late this week there’s a new software coming out called FB Echo. Its developer, […]

YouTube Video Marketing

Video marketing is nothing new, but it is the new frontier according to many of the leading experts. YouTube has grown into a wildly popular behemoth that now sits as the second largest search engine in the world. Since Google also owns YouTube it’s clear to see that mastering these two search engines makes for […]

YouTube Video Marketing

Premium SEO Rizer Plugin

SEO Rizer WordPress Plugin

Keeping in line with my most recent post, today I’m writing about a new plugin for WordPress that address search engine optimization. I’m talking about Premium SEO Rizer. As a blogger I know full well the importance of SEO, and how difficult it is to write articles which are engaging but which also have an […]

Covert PinPress WordPress Theme

There’s a new product out (or a re-launch technically) called Covert PinPress WordPress Theme, which is built to resemble and function much like Pinterest does, with the specific purpose of providing a more visual interaction with blog visitors. If you haven’t seen or heard of this theme its worth your time to take a look. […]

Covert PinPress WordPress Theme

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids

The best stocking stuffers for kids aren’t necessarily expensive or even unique. When children run to their stocking in excitement of something new to play with or eat, it’s the sheer joy of the unknown, the surprise, that triggers their smiles and emotion. Unless your family has made a tradition of placing expensive gifts into […]

Paper Airplanes Galore

Paper airplanes are fun, let’s be honest. Who didn’t build their own creation as a little kid or compete with their brothers and sisters to see which one flew the furthest? And surprisingly, or maybe not, there’s been a resurgence of interest in paper airplanes lately and a new site, Paper Plane Mafia, pays homage […]

Delta Wing Paper Airplane

Custom Viper Paracord Band

Custom Paracord Bracelet

If you’re looking to create a custom paracord bracelet then I think I’ve found the ultimate answer. I recently came across this site (paracordbands.com) where you can literally choose from the top paracord bracelet designs, and select your favorite color(s) and buckle type, all for just a few dollars more than the basic, plain-Jane bracelets […]

Instagram Update Android

Instagram Update Android Its time for yet another Instagram update Android users are getting used to. This war between Vine and Instagram is going to be the death of me! Whoever comes out on top, Twitter or Facebook, consumers had better be pleased with the end result or this update roller coaster ride may leave […]

Instagram Android Update

Comparing Best Tablets For Travel

Best Tablet For Traveling – Astonishing Value

Best Tablet For Traveling As someone who has traveled extensively for business and pleasure I feel uniquely qualified to call out what I believe to be the best tablet for traveling. I’ll mention another tablet later in the post, but among the best tablets for international travel (and domestic) is the Kindle Fire HD from […]

The Swedish Fireknife from Mora

The Swedish Fireknife from Mora includes a ‘Light My Fire’ fire starter. I love Mora knives, and always have. The high quality steel used in their blades is unequaled and the quality had made the company legendary among outdoor enthusiasts. Now they have the Fireknife which combines everything you love in their knives with a […]

Swedish Mora Light My Fire At Amazon