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I just finished watching a video by Matt Clark about a new “Ultimate Promotion System” called the Amazon Money Machine (or Amazing Selling Machine in some spots) which claims to show you how to sell on Amazon and make a lot of money. There is no doubt that money can be made on Amazon, and the Selling Machine they are talking about might be quite amazing, but let’s face it, millions and millions of products are being sold on Amazon so there is tight competition in a very small space; searches from “within” Amazon itself.

Because of that I think that the best opportunities for making real money still rests in having your own blogs or websites, which can be set up in minutes if you have the right tools (mostly free). Here’s why I say that… if you are selling directly on Amazon, in their arena, you are limited to their rules and your efforts are all placed into their systems. That is, all the work you put in to the business resides on “their” websites which they can remove at any time. Not that they would, of course, but for the sake of argument it needs to be said. The Amazing Selling Machine bases its success on building an Amazon “store front” and then you compete for sales against all other Amazon sellers and products. And using the ultimate promotion system, which does look good, you are said to be able to drive traffic to your product page.

On the other hand. If you own your own blogs (which again, take literally a few hours to set up) then YOU control the content, you control where you market and which products to sell, you can market products outside of Amazon (though you may still choose to have an Amazon store front), and you own the real estate on which you build your business and your efforts are sewn into something you own, rather than putting everything into the hands of someone else, who could pull it at any time. Again, I’m not saying that these systems won’t work, maybe they do. But are YOU willing to fork out almost $1,000 to find out? That is a LOT of money. And frankly I question why anyone who is making SO much money would want SO much of YOUR money to show you the “secret.Awesome-Marketing-Engine

Instead, I think there is a MUCH easier path to finding success online and without mortgaging your house. Andrew Hansen (creator of Forever Affiliate) has not only talked success, he’s living it. He’s not selling you a dream for the cost of a car, but instead he’s sharing what many people believe is the true path to online success with proven techniques (not concepts, either, but step by step training) that the top performers use. So many times when people get the idea that they want to have a home business and work online, they start a directionless search to find out how to do it. What ends up happening is that they read pitch after pitch, different points of views from different experts, and end up much more confused than they were when they started out. Or worse, they buy in to every program they come across which promises to show them the “secrets.” In the end they have less money and no progress. Again, I’m not even hinting that the Ultimate Promotion System falls into this category, it doesn’t, I’m just making a general point. Paralysis by analysis really does kill the dreams of most people looking for success online.

Andrew does something different. He “teaches” you how to have success doing one thing well, selling online. When you look at the testimonials he has received, many of them are from the VERY BEST in the business, not from someone you’ve never heard of. Here’s the bottom line, whether you keep chasing the confusing trail of internet success pebbles or jump in with your whole heart and commit to stop the madness, is up to you. See what Andrew has to say. See how little he charges to train you (we’re talking about the price of dinner and a movie, not almost $1,000 like the Amazon Money Machine and most other “programs”). See what others have to say about him. You owe yourself that much.

Visit Andrew’s Forever Affiliate page.

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