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According to Wikipedia, Arts & Humanities covers a wide range of topics such as Arts, Humanities, Language (including Linguistics), Poetry, Music, Classical works, History, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Archaeology, Architecture, History, Religion, Television, Theater, and Radio.

Harry Potter versus Twilight

Breaking Dawn taking on the mega heavy weight Deathly Hallows. While they didn’t go head to head on release dates, they are vying for similar audiences and so will directly compete in rankings (or is it tankings) wars. The Twilight series, which includes the four books by American author Stephenie Meyer (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, […]

Deviant Art Versus Brothers Grimm

Deviant Art was established in 2000 as an online community showcasing various forms of user-made artwork. Deviant Art has become iconic and has a very loyal following for the niche. Artists from all over the world congregate at Deviant to share their art, styles and techniques used in the design of everything from wall art […]

Amazon Books & Deathly Hallows, A Success Story

After Google Books (eBooks) came out in a bid to steal away some of the thunder enjoyed by Amazon Books, there was a flurry of questions and debate about who would reign supreme in this evolving and cut-throat books market. And as we saw with the movie Deathly Hallows, which spurred even more interest in […]