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Amazing Selling Machine, Maybe

I just finished watching a video by Matt Clark about a new “Ultimate Promotion System” called the Amazon Money Machine (or Amazing Selling Machine in some spots) which claims to show you how to sell on Amazon and make a lot of money. There is no doubt that money can be made on Amazon, and […]

Lots of reasons why people choose to work from home

Printable Calendar Template

One of the most sought after items for search engines is a printable calendar template; everyone wants an up to date calendar and they want to personalize it. You have several options to make your own calendar template ranging from using the software you may already have on your computer to using one of the […]

Business Jargon – Che Cosa?

I am always amazed when I hear some business person talking to another who is not from the same industry, and in the course of the conversation they use some jargon or lingo that is clearly foreign to the listener. It reminds me of Che Cosa Italian for “What?” While I can translate Che Cosa […]

Salary Calculator and Nurse Salary Comparisons

The salary for nurses has grown exponentially the past few years, driven by supply and demand; see the nurse salary page here to see how you compare to others in your field. Salary is important to everyone and for multiple reasons. And sites like this one, a Salary Calculator, have empowered people to compare their […]

Does Your Business Use PayPal To Its Potential

Business owners will often think more about their Business Cards than the back-end of their business, like using a PayPal Account, where the transactions take place that fuel operations. And while it’s acceptable to consider things such as Business Card Size, we’re talking about the basic principals of business- prioritizing your time and energy to […]