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Covert PinPress WordPress Theme

There’s a new product out (or a re-launch technically) called Covert PinPress WordPress Theme, which is built to resemble and function much like Pinterest does, with the specific purpose of providing a more visual interaction with blog visitors. If you haven’t seen or heard of this theme its worth your time to take a look. […]

Covert PinPress WordPress Theme

Instagram Android Update

Instagram Update Android

Instagram Update Android Its time for yet another Instagram update Android users are getting used to. This war between Vine and Instagram is going to be the death of me! Whoever comes out on top, Twitter or Facebook, consumers had better be pleased with the end result or this update roller coaster ride may leave […]

Best Tablet For Traveling – Astonishing Value

Best Tablet For Traveling As someone who has traveled extensively for business and pleasure I feel uniquely qualified to call out what I believe to be the best tablet for traveling. I’ll mention another tablet later in the post, but among the best tablets for international travel (and domestic) is the Kindle Fire HD from […]

Comparing Best Tablets For Travel

Windows 7 & iPad – Apps Made In Heaven

We all know and love the functionality that Windows 7 has brought to media rich content and device interaction. But did you know that you can also run a virtual copy of your desktop windows 7 on your iPad using iPad apps? Using your iPad apps, specifically iTap RDP (Remote Desktop for Windows 7), you […]

iTap iPad App Screen Shot