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Prelit Christmas Tree – A New Tradition

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations

A prelit Christmas Tree may be just the thing for many homes. There’s compelling reason to believe that having a prelit Tree (any artificial Christmas Tree) can reduce your carbon footprint over a 10 year period versus cutting down a live tree each of those years. Besides the carbon footprint, which you may or may not care about, a prelit Christmas Tree offers you many more advantages, like avoiding the fire danger associated with live trees that die out and become extremely flammable. You also have the luxury of putting your prelit Christmas Tree up much quicker than you ever could a real tree (plus putting on the strand of lights that we all know is super frustrating).

Another reason why I chose to go with a prelit Christmas Tree this year was because I was tired of trying to figure out what to do with the old tree after Christmas. I don’t have a truck to haul the thing off (which is another issue, picking one up and bringing it home is tough without a truck) so being able to bring the prelit Tree down from storage and putting it up in minutes, and doing the same after Christmas, is a huge, huge plus. Finally, for me the idea of not having to water the thing (or forgetting and having it dry out, dropping pine needles all over the place) was a major selling point.

The prelit Christmas Tree that I got looks so real and lively all year around. And since I don’t have to worry about it dying after a week or two, we’re able to put it up after Thanksgiving and have our home decorated for Christmas for a whole month! I love it. Be sure that if you’re going to get a prelit Christmas Tree that you get a high quality one that has realistic looking limbs and pine cones. If you save money on this purchase you might regret it later, plus, come on, its Christmas and you want to have an authentic looking tree in your home, especially if you have children.

Amazon has perhaps one of the largest selections you’ll find and I chose to buy mine there because of the price and free shipping (I’m a Prime member). If you’re not a Prime member I have no idea why not. Sure, it’s $75 a year, but having EVERYTHING shipped 2nd Day Air for FREE is awesome. I order groceries in small quantities (at a much lower cost) many dozens of times a year, and then there are big items like Christmas tress (tv’s, power generators, you name it)… the savings is enormous and free 2nd Day Air will spoil you. Check out the prelit Christmas Trees at Amazon and start a new tradition.