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YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video MarketingVideo marketing is nothing new, but it is the new frontier according to many of the leading experts. YouTube has grown into a wildly popular behemoth that now sits as the second largest search engine in the world. Since Google also owns YouTube it’s clear to see that mastering these two search engines makes for some really good leveraging of your visual content.

Update March 1, 2014 – Video Vantage is no longer available. The developers have said that after the initial release period it would no longer be available, and they were right. So if you missed this one, sorry. If you’re a blogger or affiliate be sure to check out the review of Premium SEO Rizer below.

So if video marketing isn’t new, why does it seem like everyone is talking about it these days? Put quite simply, it’s because for the first time we’re seeing clear evidence that video is inching its way closer to surpassing written media as the largest information delivery platform. MegaChipTech says “Online Video Marketing: It’s a Big Deal.” Why? As they write, web pages which include a video are 50 times more likely to grab the front page of Google search than those without! Now that’s enough to grab your attention.

 How Big Is The Video Marketing Industry?

Aside from the fact that more than one million videos are viewed every day, there’s the monetary side of the matter. Since we know that video marketing is taking the lead in terms of online sales, then it stands to reason that since this is a $30 billion industry (direct sales), there’s a lot of money on the table here.

Even big brands are now leaving traditional print and even television and joining the much more lucrative and easy to produce online video market. The tough part is, as you might have guessed, getting your content to rank in the search engines. Think about it. Even the best video ever make by man is essentially worthless if no one ever finds (sees) it. Which is where search engines, and more specifically ranking, comes into question.

There’s even a new software designed specifically for the purpose of aiding marketers in getting their YouTube videos ranked. It essentially takes their video information, along with other user-created information, and scours the web for thousands of bookmarking and backlinking opportunities, and submits them on virtual auto-pilot. Here’s a video which shows more about Video Vantage and what it can do.

As you can see, given how important it is for top search rankings, software like this is going to become in high demand and almost essential for anyone wanting to earn from the video creations; especially if you factor in the exponential growth (thus competition) in this industry. Here’s another review of this software if you’re interested.

Whether or not video takes the lead as the King of online marketing platforms, which it will (is), smart marketers will be wise to get ahead of the competition and start mastering their video backlink strategies and creating a wider path of opportunities for networking. That is, it will become increasingly difficult to go it alone and bookmark as you go. Marketers will need to create partnerships and networks who share each others content and backlinks and social awareness.

I have started taking advantage of video as a method of marketing in recent months, so like a lot of other people I’ll be eying software like Video Vantage and anything else which can give me an edge. I have seen the amount of earnings potential that video has, so getting ahead of the stiff competition is my game plan.

SEO Rizer WordPress Plugin

Premium SEO Rizer PluginKeeping in line with my most recent post, today I’m writing about a new plugin for WordPress that address search engine optimization. I’m talking about Premium SEO Rizer.

As a blogger I know full well the importance of SEO, and how difficult it is to write articles which are engaging but which also have an opportunity to rank in search engines. On any given topic there are thousands upon thousands of possible pages you could read. Having your page on that topic be on the first page (or two) of search engine results is the holy grail of blogging and internet marketing.

Typically, most of us use old-fashioned SEO, meaning we know what our keywords are (what the main topic is) and then we make sure that our article uses that keyword and derivatives throughout the page, so that search engines know exactly what we’re talking about. For example, if I didn’t mention SEO Rizer plugin again right here, Google might think I’m writing about blogging in general, which isn’t my internet. I want people who are search for this particular plugin to find this page.

That’s not going to happen because at the moment there are a lot of marketers vying for that coveted first page ranking, so I would have to have a rather lengthy post and ensure that it’s popular enough to be linked to from other sites. Instead my intent when writing this particular article is to provide fresh new content so that this blog, overall, benefits from the freshness and new content.

All of that being said, the point is that SEO isn’t easy and it involves a lot of things such as site speed and page load times, the bounce rate (do people land on the site and click on ANOTHER post or page, or leave right away), and also signals from other sites on whether your content is good (via backlinks and mentions). There are a lot of moving parts to each of those, of course, and so I hope you can see that it is quite involved.

Thankfully, for WordPress users in particular, the Premium SEO Rizer plugin solves a lot of those problems and does much of the leg-work for us. Here’s a great review which I won’t try to replicate here due to time constraints, but it sheds some light on what many bloggers think will become the new Gold Standard for WordPress SEO.

This SEO plugin is more comprehensive than any I’ve seen, with over a dozen modules that help you do things like monitor social network activity for each individual post or page on your site, it connects directly to Google Analytics so you can monitor your site right from the Admin Panel, and it also builds backlinks. How comprehensive is it? Most of us have individual plugins for things like managing 301 redirects (I use Pretty Link) and monitoring 404 errors (I use a separate plugin for that)… with Premium SEO Rizer it’s all built-in to one tidy and efficient little plugin.

So if I sound a little excited about it, I am! It was due to release February 3, but I read that due to an injury to one of the developers the release date has been pushed back for a few days (weeks?). In the end, however, this will likely be the most coveted SEO plugin of the year and certainly one which becomes standard for people who blog for a living (or internet marketers). Have a look and see what you think.

Amazing Selling Machine, Maybe

Lots of reasons why people choose to work from home

Sick Of Working For Someone Else

I just finished watching a video by Matt Clark about a new “Ultimate Promotion System” called the Amazon Money Machine (or Amazing Selling Machine in some spots) which claims to show you how to sell on Amazon and make a lot of money. There is no doubt that money can be made on Amazon, and the Selling Machine they are talking about might be quite amazing, but let’s face it, millions and millions of products are being sold on Amazon so there is tight competition in a very small space; searches from “within” Amazon itself.

Because of that I think that the best opportunities for making real money still rests in having your own blogs or websites, which can be set up in minutes if you have the right tools (mostly free). Here’s why I say that… if you are selling directly on Amazon, in their arena, you are limited to their rules and your efforts are all placed into their systems. That is, all the work you put in to the business resides on “their” websites which they can remove at any time. Not that they would, of course, but for the sake of argument it needs to be said. The Amazing Selling Machine bases its success on building an Amazon “store front” and then you compete for sales against all other Amazon sellers and products. And using the ultimate promotion system, which does look good, you are said to be able to drive traffic to your product page.

On the other hand. If you own your own blogs (which again, take literally a few hours to set up) then YOU control the content, you control where you market and which products to sell, you can market products outside of Amazon (though you may still choose to have an Amazon store front), and you own the real estate on which you build your business and your efforts are sewn into something you own, rather than putting everything into the hands of someone else, who could pull it at any time. Again, I’m not saying that these systems won’t work, maybe they do. But are YOU willing to fork out almost $1,000 to find out? That is a LOT of money. And frankly I question why anyone who is making SO much money would want SO much of YOUR money to show you the “secret.Awesome-Marketing-Engine

Instead, I think there is a MUCH easier path to finding success online and without mortgaging your house. Andrew Hansen (creator of Forever Affiliate) has not only talked success, he’s living it. He’s not selling you a dream for the cost of a car, but instead he’s sharing what many people believe is the true path to online success with proven techniques (not concepts, either, but step by step training) that the top performers use. So many times when people get the idea that they want to have a home business and work online, they start a directionless search to find out how to do it. What ends up happening is that they read pitch after pitch, different points of views from different experts, and end up much more confused than they were when they started out. Or worse, they buy in to every program they come across which promises to show them the “secrets.” In the end they have less money and no progress. Again, I’m not even hinting that the Ultimate Promotion System falls into this category, it doesn’t, I’m just making a general point. Paralysis by analysis really does kill the dreams of most people looking for success online.

Andrew does something different. He “teaches” you how to have success doing one thing well, selling online. When you look at the testimonials he has received, many of them are from the VERY BEST in the business, not from someone you’ve never heard of. Here’s the bottom line, whether you keep chasing the confusing trail of internet success pebbles or jump in with your whole heart and commit to stop the madness, is up to you. See what Andrew has to say. See how little he charges to train you (we’re talking about the price of dinner and a movie, not almost $1,000 like the Amazon Money Machine and most other “programs”). See what others have to say about him. You owe yourself that much.

Visit Andrew’s Forever Affiliate page.

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Squidoo Lenses For You

surfer-squidSquidoo is the amazingly hot and trendy website that is growing and growing in popularity, and for good reason… it is simply the funnest site on the net and there’s is no end to the things you can research and learn about. And of course there’s the silly, insane and helpful articles (which they call lenses) that behind the curtain reveal an amazing amount of laughter and solid information. Here’s a lens, for example, all about paper airplanes that is an awesome informational tool for anyone with children or just wanting to learn how to make a paper airplane.

You do know, right, that Squidoo is not only the best platform for writers and those seeking to make money online, but its also completely free and the easiest. The Squidoo dashboard and lens building software let you add colors, fonts, images, boxes, banners, links, widgets… you name it. If you check out this article directories ranking, which base their scores on Page Rank and Alexa scores, you’ll see that Squidoo is ranked solidly as number 3, above such big guns as HubPages, Ezinearticles, Examiner, Articlesbase, Seekingalpha, Buzzle, Associatedcontent, and Suite101. So having a presence on Squidoo is pretty big for internet marketers and authors.

Squidoo does require some pretty solid content and has a strong no spam policy, but if you’re willing put in some time to write good articles with informative and valuable content, you will gain very good backlinks to your own website, visibility to potentially thousands and thousands of visitors which allows you to make money from Google Adsense, Amazon and even your own links to Etsy, for example. Squidoo is THE place to be if you want to have FUN and lots of it, meet awesome people, learn amazing stuff and get established on the internet.