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YouTube Video Marketing

Video marketing is nothing new, but it is the new frontier according to many of the leading experts. YouTube has grown into a wildly popular behemoth that now sits as the second largest search engine in the world. Since Google also owns YouTube it’s clear to see that mastering these two search engines makes for […]

YouTube Video Marketing

Premium SEO Rizer Plugin

SEO Rizer WordPress Plugin

Keeping in line with my most recent post, today I’m writing about a new plugin for WordPress that address search engine optimization. I’m talking about Premium SEO Rizer. As a blogger I know full well the importance of SEO, and how difficult it is to write articles which are engaging but which also have an […]

Amazing Selling Machine, Maybe

I just finished watching a video by Matt Clark about a new “Ultimate Promotion System” called the Amazon Money Machine (or Amazing Selling Machine in some spots) which claims to show you how to sell on Amazon and make a lot of money. There is no doubt that money can be made on Amazon, and […]

Lots of reasons why people choose to work from home


Squidoo Lenses For You

Squidoo is the amazingly hot and trendy website that is growing and growing in popularity, and for good reason… it is simply the funnest site on the net and there’s is no end to the things you can research and learn about. And of course there’s the silly, insane and helpful articles (which they call […]