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Make a Paracord Bracelet – Cool Survival Wear

Paracord Bracelet With Cobra Weave

Make A Paracord Bracelet - Be Cool Like Me

Make a Paracord Bracelet, that’s the title of an article I recently came across over at Squidoo. Now I’m like you, I’ve always seen those Bear Grylls looking survival bracelets but judging from the looks of them didn’t think I’d have the patience to make a paracord bracelet myself. But after reading this article I’ve not only made my own bracelets, I’m now branching out! I’ve made these woven lanyards (if you can even call them that) for key chains, backpack hangs, etc… I’ve come to realize that not everything is as difficult as it seems if you’ll only try. And I’m not on a “real” quest to know everything, despite the title of my site, my real goal is to keep learning… as much as I can.

I was recently visiting a Survival website which had some paracord stuff on it. Now if you’re at all like you me you somehow find yourself meandering all across God’s web creation because you see a link and follow it to who knows where. But this survival website caught my attention (alright, so its not to hard to do, right) because as I began reading the website I realized that hey, they’re right… I am NOT prepared for any type of emergency or disaster. If I cant get Cheez-It’s and Dr Pepper I’ll likely starve or die of dehydration!

So aside from reading lots of articles I found myself becoming a wandering (if not lost) soul of sorts on a quest to know everything I can about anything I can. So my latest kick is to learn more about survival and what it means to be prepared, or even more specifically what it is about basic life skills that I can learn, that are truly second nature to a lot of people around the world and were to our ancestors as well, but we’ve somehow totally lost touch with. I’m just saying, don’t think I’ve fallen off my rocker if you see a post or two about something survival related… it’s just me being me. And besides, when the poop hits the fan I’ll be the one sporting the coolest survival bracelet in the woods.

If you haven’t yet, subscribe to my feed via your reader or e-mail (my preference, too).. I’m just getting started with this crazy website and I’d like you to join me, and hey, if you have something you want to say send it to me and I’ll post it, too!

How To Hike – Hiking For Weight Loss

Hikink Outdoors For Weight Loss

Hiking Is So Beautiful

How to hike? Trying to lose weight? Did you know that there is no “more enjoyable” way to lose weight than to spend it “walking” along beautiful outdoor hiking and backpacking trails? In fact, this is becoming more of a trend or fad as more and more people want to lose weight but are tired of the decades old “gym” routine or learning how to do some new fad exercise, which almost never keeps you motivated. Instead, turn to the natural outdoors and you will almost certainly find that walking (hiking) is much more fun than you ever thought possible. Before long you’ll be walking 5, 7 or 10 miles easily, and never even realize you’re working out or shedding pounds. Who would’ve thought that the simple quest of how to hike would turn into a wonderful and almost magical road to weight loss?

Hiking outdoors for weight loss, as was stated, is now quickly becoming the thing to do and for good reason. It’s healthy, of course, but it’s also affordable (no cheap!). Simply find some good hiking trails near you, grab a GOOD pair of hiking shoes and your off. There are some things you’ll want to have, like a decent day pack to carry basics like water bottles, rain jacket and snacks, but other than those few items there isn’t much you need, and afterwards, once you own those items, your daily hikes will be essentially free. And outdoor hiking is so much fun it’s hard to imagine until you’ve done it. Almost everyone who tries it agrees that it’s the easiest and funnest weight loss program they’ve ever had. Unlike other activities, you don’t really need to ask how to hike… you’re just walking and enjoying the beautiful and peaceful outdoor quiet. And the best part if that you walk to your own pace, and as far or as long as you like. Of course, once you’ve started you won’t want to quit, and you’ll be showing your family and friends how to hike outdoors for weight loss.

Families are also now starting to more and more see the benefit of family outdoor hiking for weight loss. No one likes to work out, but when you can shed the weight and spend quality time with your family hiking it’s a double bonus. Here is a great article about family outdoor hiking for weight loss and even answers some of the questions for beginners on how to hike and where. There are literally trails everywhere, and you can go to for information on trails near you. And of course you can get your friends involved and even learn how to hike together and start to enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle with those important or close to you.

So make THIS the time you get off the fence (or couch) and make a real difference in your life. The cost is nominal but here are a few things you WILL need, and first and absolutely the most important are shoes… you cannot afford to get blisters while on the trail. One of the highest rated pair of shoes hiking on Amazon right now is the Merrell Siren Sport and for good reason. If you check the Amazon link you’ll see that out of 55 reviewers it has a 4 1/2 out of 5 rating, which is really great. Buy your shoes before you start learning how to hike so that once you hit the trails you can enjoy your time and not worry about sore feet. And wool socks are always recommended to give more protection from blisters. If you’re looking for a great day pack check out the wildly popular Osprey Daylite Pack also at Amazon. Amazon is just the best for online shopping because they are fast and reliable, and if something doesn’t fit right they bend over backwards to get you happy or your money back. I hope this has helped you on your quest to learn how to hike, or to make hiking for weight loss a part of your life. Once you do, you’ll agree that it’s the best decision you’ve made about your health.