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Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Best Stocking Stuffers For KidsThe best stocking stuffers for kids aren’t necessarily expensive or even unique. When children run to their stocking in excitement of something new to play with or eat, it’s the sheer joy of the unknown, the surprise, that triggers their smiles and emotion. Unless your family has made a tradition of placing expensive gifts into your child’s over-size socks, then rest assured that yours will be over-joyed with whatever you lovingly place inside.

A good mixture of stuff is my approach. I like to include candies, both hard and chewy, and then some age appropriate toys or little gadgets if they’re older. I’ve even used small, travel sized games. For smaller children its always a winner to include simple things like bouncy balls, spinning tops, stickers, and even Hot Wheels. Here are some of my favorite small and inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas at Amazon.

Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Here’s a great video as well if you haven’t already made your own Christmas Stockings. In the video you’ll learn how to do it, step by step, and create your own unique holiday tradition. If you would like to buy a stocking kit to make it easier, but still do it yourself, Amazon has lots of Christmas Stocking Ideas.

Here some more of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas:

    • Have you ever played Treasure Hunt with your children? When our son was young we would hide one or two of his larger presents, and then place instructions inside his stocking (tucked inside a plastic egg or something). Then you get to enhance the fun family time even more as you watch your child follow the clues towards their amazing Christmas present. So, for example, the first clue that he would find inside the toy would lead him, to say, his dog’s favorite sleeping spot. Once there he would discover the next clue, and so on. This is a guaranteed way to spice up the experience and is one of the very best stocking stuffers for kids.
    • Be sure to stuff in some long candy canes so that your child sees them right away before they even get to the stocking. These Jumbo Peppermint Sticks are a great choice.
    • I always like to have something personal in there, too. How about some of their favorite homemade cookies, or brownies? Maybe it’s a picture of mom and dad next to new bike, which happens to be hidden in the closet with a nice big bow on it.
    • Tickets are always great stocking stuffers for children. This can be to their favorite new movie, a gift certificate for a cool new game or CD, or whatever they’ve been wanting. Maybe it’s tickets to fly and see Grandma and Grandpa!
    • I read of one family where the father was serving away in the military and couldn’t be there, so he sent a video to greet the children on Christmas morning. Mom placed the tv remote in one of the stockings with a note that said watch me. Of course she had the video set up to play once they turned the tv on, but what an amazing surprise and gift! Love is the best stocking stuffers ever.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Remember, of course, what Christmas and the season is all about. If your family is one of faith then its appropriate to include some themed stickers, coloring books or ornaments. The bottom line is that as a family its about love, sharing and caring… remembering how precious love is. I hope you found this article helpful and found some new stocking stuffers for kids.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The best stocking stuffer ideas for kids should revolve around the desire to keep it loving and personal, and also small and inexpensive (for the most part).

Custom Paracord Bracelet

Custom Paracord Bracelet

If you’re looking to create a custom paracord bracelet then I think I’ve found the ultimate answer. I recently came across this site ( where you can literally choose from the top paracord bracelet designs, and select your favorite color(s) and buckle type, all for just a few dollars more than the basic, plain-Jane bracelets we’ve all seen around like the Cobra knot survival bracelet. Why is this so cool? Because there isn’t any other place that I know which let’s you totally customize your own survival bracelet… and they’re handmade!

I’ve written about the cool 550 cord that people use to make awesome paracord projects and other unique items, but the hobby has gotten more and more popular over the past year so I began looking to see what other folks are doing, at the different styles of survival bracelets? Of course Pinterest is full of examples and ideas of the wild stuff people have created, but since I’m talking about ParacordBands I though I’d give you a few examples of the types of custom paracord bracelet you could create.

Custom Paracord Bracelet

…. in many types and styles

The one pictured above is the popular SideWinder. I also really like the Fishtail, below, and for a lot of people the somewhat smaller diameter of the weave makes it ideal for smaller wrists. And with a virtually unlimited number of colors to chose from it makes an awesome personalized paracord bracelet.

Fishtail Unique Paracord Bracelet

There’s a discussion over at a Google Community (Paracord Bracelet HQ) about ParacordBands, and one of the pictures I noticed was this one, below, of the custom double flatline paracord band. It’s one I hadn’t seen much before and I suspect it’ll become more and more popular.

Custom Double Flatline Paracord BandWhen I said there is virtually no limit to the style and type of custom paracord bracelet that you can create, I meant it. They even have reflective (tracer) cord and almost any type of buckle you can think of, even a SWAT paracord bracelet. Did I mention that they’re also handmade in Alaska by true craftsmen? One of my other all-time favorites is this one, the custom Viper… imagine this one with some cool colors and a metal buckle!

Custom Viper Paracord Band

Unique Handmade Paracord Bracelets

Finally, I would like to remind you that when you buy a paracord or survival bracelet elsewhere, its almost always stock, and not custom made, and its almost always made in China or somewhere else. Buying from ParacordBands means you’re supporting small business and real craftsmen, and your buying pure Alaskan! While I make most of my bracelets myself, I think this is an awesome opportunity to give the gift of uniqueness to someone you care about… maybe in their favorite (or school) colors. If you know someone who walks or runs a lot, get them one of these in the reflective cord to give them added safety to go with the coolness.

Check them out and see how many cool designs they have… custom paracord bracelet.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 Releasing Soon

Just like the recent hoopla over the Nike release of the Foamposite Galaxy, the masses are clamoring for more information on the upcoming release of the Air Yeezy 2 line. As of now, no one knows for sure when they will release, although it’s rumored to be a late March 2012 release. Even Nike has failed to give us much information about the new Air Yeezys, instead choosing to keep true to form and stay mum on any details or specifics right up until release date. I’m the type of guy who likes to know everything I can about this kind of stuff so I tend to get miffed when I find Nike being so tight lipped.

So like most of you I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to find what information I can, and aside from from some images of the Yeezys that Ye himself has been sporting there’s not much to be found. I did come across one article over at Squidoo titled simply “Air Yeezy 2“. It seems to have a good mix of photos, news and information and is generally a good read for anyone wanting to know more about the Air Yeezy 2 lineup, which according to the article I referenced there will be a total of 5 colorways in this release- 3 in the U.S., 1 for Asia and 1 for Europe.

I am suspecting that this release will be as hot and chaotic as the recent release of the Galaxy Foamposites, but given Nike’s lack of information we just don’t know. I would like to know where they’ll be released (will any online vendors get some Yeezys to stock), what their retail price will be, etc… So like you I’ll keep searching for answers and will post what I find. If you’re planning on getting a pair of these hot sneakers plan on having some cash and plenty of time to camp for them.

Gift Ideas For Valentines Day and Special Occassions

Valentines Day LoveWe’ve all been there, in the hunt for something special for the person in our life who we love more than anything. The problem is that we want to get them something unique, something that they’ll enjoy, but that desire for perfection ultimately becomes the roadblock that stands in our way. That’s why this article I found at Squidoo titled “Good Ideas For Valentines Day – Romantic Gestures” is worthy of a mention here.

Another problem many of us face is how much to spend and will the recipient think its as special as we did, will they enjoy it, and will it have the impact we intended? Love is about togetherness, sharing and caring. Its true that money isn’t a condition of love nor a reflection of love’s depth, but when possible its those gifts and romantic gestures that remind them why and how how much we love them. It’s like adding another piece of wood to a fire or fueling up your car… the little things in life that we do to express our love really do matter.

Valentine’s Day, while not really having anything to do with Saint Valentine in terms of how we celebrate it (there’s a great section in the article at Squidoo about this), is a special day for us to take a moment to express our love. Lovers the world over celebrate love on February 14th and there’s no day which comes close to the level of expression seen on Valentine’s Day. And it starts early! Even small children in schools across the globe share special Valentines and romantic gestures with the special one in their hearts.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a truly special day. Spend less time worrying about what gift you’re going to give your love and more time enjoying the person and showing them every day that you love them. After all, that daily expression of love will be more valuable and eternal than anything you could possibly buy.