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The Swedish Fireknife from Mora

Light My Fire Swedish Mora KnifeThe Swedish Fireknife from Mora includes a ‘Light My Fire’ fire starter. I love Mora knives, and always have. The high quality steel used in their blades is unequaled and the quality had made the company legendary among outdoor enthusiasts. Now they have the Fireknife which combines everything you love in their knives with a built in “Light My Fire” fire steel. Does it get any better?

Ask any outdoorsman, survivalist or professional and they will tell you that the Swedish Mora knife is far and away the leader in rugged, reliable and high quality knives, with blades made of the purest metals designed to hold the sharpest edge longer than any competitor. Pair that with the leading ‘Light My Fire’ fire starter and you have what is being hailed as the greatest single piece of survival equipment ever. Did I mention rugged?Light My Fire Swedish Mora Knife Fire Starting Could anything be worse than your knife snapping in half while in the filed, when you need it most? That is precisely why people love and trust this knife.

But there’s more… you would expect that such a knife would cost top dollar, but the Swedish Mora is under $30 at Amazon.

How can you possibly improve upon such a piece or work? By using paracord you can make your favorite knife even cooler. One of the most popular lanyard weaves for knives is the Cyclonic Flow, which is an easy knot to work. Here’s a page a FusionKnots on making this one, shown below.

Cyclonic Flow Knife Lanyard

But you can also use what is perhaps equally as popular for such lanyards, the Crown Sinnet.The problem I have with knife lanyards is that it can’t be so large as to interfere with actually using the knife, although I suppose that outside of the truest survival situations how much are we ‘really” Crown Sinnet Knife Lanyardusing our survival knives? And in those cases we would probably be removing the lanyard to use the paracord, which is why we make these things to begin with. So in that case, I guess the Crown Sinnet makes a good choice because it provides so much more paracord to be used later.

The Crown Sinnet is simple to make and here’s a great YouTube video showing how to easily make it. The thing to note is that as you can see in my image here, its best to create a 2″ dongle off of the knife lanyard hole itself creating a simple loop, off which you then build the Crown Sinnet lanyard. If you start making the lanyard directly off of the knife handle it won’t have room to move around freely and will stick out from the knife in a not-s-good way.

The bottom line is that you will absolutely love this knife and it’ll be one you own (and use) for ever. Do yourself a favor, search high and low and see if you can find a world-class knife for under $30, and then see if you can find one which includes a world-class fire starter. You see what I mean, this is the greatest deal on survival knives that you’ll ever find. Over 80 Amazon reviewers have rated it and the knife enjoys a 4.7 out of 5 star rating, which is almost unheard of… its that good. Spruce it up with some paracord and people will look.

Swedish Mora Light My Fire At Amazon

Camping Season Means Camping Checklist

Know Everything - Camping ChecklistIt’s that time of year again and everyone is hustling to get their gear cleaned up and ready for another year of camping fun and adventure. And it also means that people will start scrambling for a complete and informative camping checklist to give themselves a head start. When I was looking myself I came across a great article at Squidoo titled Camping Checklist and Camping Tips and I have to say it’s a really well written article with lots of good ideas I hadn’t thought of before. In my quest to know everything I found it to be very helpful.

When I go camping with my family we almost always forget to pack something, or don’t pack enough, but starting now I’ll be using a simple camping checklist myself to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Granted, we usually camp within driving distance of a town so in a pinch we could always get what we needed, but its always better to be prepared. I had never thought about taking a kite or slingshot for having fun at camp with our kids, but next time we’ll add those to our list.

We always pitch our tent near lakes so we have plenty of fishing and swimming opportunities, and so we can get water for camp (we purify it first, of course). One of the things I really look forward to is sitting around the campfire at night with our kids roasting marshmallows. For my wife the best part is hiking nearby trails during the day and so we always make sure that we’ve marked the trails and our camp on the map first, and we take a compass and each of us (kids included) has a backpack with water and snack, and of course rain gear.

Camping has become a huge part of our lives and we do our best to know everything we can about camping safety and the outdoors. Anytime you’ll be spending time outdoors with your family make sure you take a little time to know everything that you can, too, so that your family is safe and that you all have a great time. Nothing ruins a vacation quicker than finding out your tent leaks or forgetting someones medicine.

ESPN 360 & ESPN Radio – King Of The Hill

ESPN3, formerly known as ESPN 360, is ESPN’s foray into the live streaming segment. Specifically, ESPN 3 is the streaming service for WatchESPN, which delivers not only live streams of games, but also replays of global sports events. WatchESPN serves North America, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Middle East, New Zealand, and Europe. This is a paid service, like most other live or instant streaming providers. These live feeds are also available via internet feeds / streams via ESPN 3 online; again however, only for paid subscribers.

ESPN 360 was the father of the current ESPN 3, but instead of feeding live streaming video to customers is was an on-demand service of previously recorded, or delayed, events. On the other spectrum of live sports feeds, ESPN Radio is a mainstay for the company and their fans. Featuring such highly rated shows as Mike & Mike In The Morning and The Herd with Colin Cowherd, ESPN Radio is the free sports fuel for fans everywhere.

There’s little doubt that ESPN owns the sporting news market in the U.S., with a market share that is threatened by no one (though CBS Sports gives honorable chase). The diversity and depth of the ESPN programming is such that’s comedians everywhere have used ESPN as their standup material, making fun of the often obscure and seemingly meaningless “sports” that some people play around the globe; Sumo Rodeo anyone? With the addition of WatchESPN and live and instant streams they’ve upped the ante and all but ensured that ESPN and ESPN Radio will continue to hold the top spot of sports news king.