Best Tablet For Traveling – Astonishing Value

Best Tablet For Traveling

Best Tablet For TravelingAs someone who has traveled extensively for business and pleasure I feel uniquely qualified to call out what I believe to be the best tablet for traveling. I’ll mention another tablet later in the post, but among the best tablets for international travel (and domestic) is the Kindle Fire HD from Amazon. Here’s why its the champion in tablet travel.

1) Cost – While clearly not everyone has to pinch pennies, but even people who have money understand value. When I was looking for my last tablet or laptop for travel I was fully aware that a couple things are likely to happen during the journey. There is a high likelihood that I’ll drop the tablet or otherwise damage it (pool accidents do happen with Mai Tai in hand!). And there’s an above average chance that some lowlife is going to help themselves to it when I least expect it. Sure, they make insurance for a reason… and a price. The best tablet for traveling has to be one that is cost-effective.

2) International – In the old days I lugged around power adapters to convert my clunky equipment when I was aborad. So one of the things I like about these new devices are that they’re powered by USB, meaning virtually every airport and town is going to have an Internet Cafe where I can power up and recharge my tablet. I can also buy a cheap USB adapter in the host country country which simple plugs in while I’m in my hotel room. But here’s the catch. If you choose the already pricier iDevices (you know who I’m talking about) you not only spent hundreds more up front, you also pay a lot more on the back end because as always, they chose to have a proprietary cable (Lightening Connector) rather than follow the industry standard of USB or mini-USB adapters. One more reason in a long list of them why I won’t buy iDevices. The best tablet for business traveler is one which doesn’t require bulky or pricey cables and adapters.

3) Utility – I discovered first hand how great the Kindle Fire HD tablet was for Europe travel a few weeks ago. As you know, the Kindle line was born as a top tier ebook reader years ago, but has morphed into the best computer for traveling, not just a book reader. With the industries “leading” graphics display you’ll fall in love with the crisp and true HD movies. But of course, most of us like to read and here’s where Amazon has simply crushed the competition, and why they’ve sold millions and millions of these… there is no better reading experience, period, than the new Kindle Fire HD tablets. And Amazon makes it one-click easy to pick and grab a new book on the go, so you simply tap on the book cover from your screen and start reading. But of course there are tons of games, apps, mail, Internet surfing… all the things you would expect from your tablet. One last thing… the built in, dual antennae Wi-Fi is the best and strongest in its class. Read this article on what a Kindle can do for more information.

Best Tablet For Traveling

A Quick Comparison

Below is a quick chart I made showing the major differences between the top three contenders for the title of “Best Tablet For Traveling“. You should know that on virtually every site you go to which alleges that they’re an “honest” or “unbiased” reviewer, they conveniently compare this $199 Kindle Fire HD to the nearly $600 iPad… instead of more “fairly” comparing it to the iPad Mini. The Kindle wasn’t designed for, nor does any living soul claim that it is better than an iPad… at $400 less its no wonder.

What the Kindle is, though, is better than the iPad Mini… here’s why:

Comparing Best Tablets For Travel

Kindle Fire HD Is The Best Tablet For Traveling

So as you can see, on many of the specifications that matters, like the High Definition screen which kills the other two, or the two speakers versus “one” on the iPad Mini, or even the larger screen and higher pixel count, the Kindle is superior. Then there’s the “Gorilla Glass” that you get with a Kindle, but which iPad Mini owners don’t get (just one more way iDevices save money at YOUR expense). Does Gorilla Glass matter? If you don’t like scratches, nicks and dings on your tablet then yes, it matters a lot. While Kindle shows transparently why they’re they best, the others are using inferior quality but using their “fan base” to carry the iFlag.

I review all kinds of products and one thing is certain- even though I’m affiliated with Amazon and other vendors I clearly state when one product is better than the other. In this case I personally chose and bought the Kindle Fire HD because I believe it is superior, dollar for dollar. So you’ll ultimately choose for yourself which is the best tablet for traveling, but I hope I’ve given you a better perspective of the things that might matter to you, too.