Covert PinPress WordPress Theme

Covert PinPress WordPress ThemeThere’s a new product out (or a re-launch technically) called Covert PinPress WordPress Theme, which is built to resemble and function much like Pinterest does, with the specific purpose of providing a more visual interaction with blog visitors.

If you haven’t seen or heard of this theme its worth your time to take a look. From the looks of it theme is pretty light-footed and simple to install, which is really good news for anyone who blogs for a living. More often than not the coolest theme or the ones with the best features are often quite cumbersome or require a degree in php coding to use effectively.

PinPress is set to be officially launched next week, and this is version 2.0. According to the developer this isn’t simply a repackaging of an old theme, but rather a complete overhaul with systems designed to reflect the most recent changes in the various social networks, specifically Pinterest and Facebook, both of which are directly connected to your content on a PinPress blog.

I haven’t received a review copy of the product as of yet, though I have checked out many of the written and video reviews, like the one cited earlier, and from everything I can tell this theme seems to be quite capable in terms of driving traffic and engaging blog readers in a way that almost forces new viral traffic. In fact the visual appeal to this theme is that it looks almost strikingly similar to Pinterest and no visitor is going to have to figure out what to do… thanks to Pinterest readers already know intuitively how to share and like posts and images, and they do it a lot.

Another thing which stands out about this release is the price tag. From what I can see it looks like the introductory price is set at $27, and I’ve never bought a premium theme for that low of a price before; and I’ve bought quite a few over the years. So it seems that the price point alone is going to attract new bloggers to give the theme a try, even if they aren’t that much interested in social marketing. Here’s a closer look:

Which leads us into another point… social marketing is in the minds of many professional bloggers and industry experts the wave of the future. That is, in the media age people are going to lean more and more on social networks as a way of reading (and sharing) relevant news and stories. What that means, of course, is that bloggers who’ve previously relied on content-heavy sites to lure and keep readers are going to have to either accept a diminishing part of the internet marketing pie, or get on board with new technology like the PinPress theme.

In the end, I think it will be access to new and engaging interfaces like PinPress that will help usher in the last hoards towards social marketing. After all, there’s such a wide open area for these marketers to reach potential customers and viewers that it only makes sense.