Facebook IPO – Does Mark Zuckerberg Know Everything

Does Mark Zuckerberg know everything, is he ‘really’ that good? In what is without question the hottest topic among financiers and investors, the looming Facebook IPO has searches for Facebook

Mark  Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg - Does He Know Everything?

IPO stock and Facebook IPO price soaring through the roof. And it’s not just consumers, the media is an a virtual frenzy over the Facebook IPO that is expected to raise about $10 billion and value the company at up to $125 billion, making it the largest initial public offering (IPO) by an internet company in history. Even the Sydney Morning Herald wrote in an article titled “Wall Street holds its breath as Facebook ponders a float” that the “question on everyone’s lips is will Facebook ‘do a Google’ – partially avoiding the Wall Street banking community and creating a retail offer via a so-called Dutch auction?” Such speculation (and whether or not Zuckerberg is really that smart, hence the know everything title play) and uncertainty have fueled the Facebook IPO frenzy, and not so much the particular Facebook IPO price.

Despite the economic uncertainties across the globe, the Facebook IPO and entry into the stock market has a lot of people excited and searching to know everything they can, and the excitement is not so much related to the Facebook IPO stock or IPO price as it is to where Facebook is heading. Then there are those who aren’t quite so thrilled with this whole Facebook IPO thingy. CNBC wrote a great article about this called “Yahoo’s Next Problem: Facebook IPO.” Specifically, Yahoo finds itself in a bit of a conundrum as Facebook looks poised to not only have the intent to challenge Yahoo for the hearts and eyes of the masses, but may well soon have the capital to make it happen. Yahoo, long the internet darling for it’s dominant service of the information sector, has been feeling the pinch as Facebook exploits it capabilities to utilize “personal references and recommendations via the Facebook platform. Wherever the Facebook IPO price lands is irrelevant to this bigger picture for internet businesses who may be in the sights of Facebook.

For the media’s part, though, who could blame them for all the Facebook IPO hoopla. After the Facebook IPO stock sale begins, Facebook will be one of the top three companies in the United States if their IPO valuation lands them in the $100 billion (plus) range. As the Wall Street Journal writes “only a few dozen companies in the country have bigger market values than Facebook would have. PepsiCo. is about $100 billion. Citigroup is smaller than $100 billion. ConcoPhillips is smaller. Zowie.” Zowie is right! The historical powerhouse Yahoo and Google are certainly taking note of how the Facebook IPO price question plays out, and we’ll all be waiting for the final curtain to see if Mark Zuckerberg really did know everything.