Kindle Supported Formats

Kindle Supported FormatsHere is a complete list of Kindle supported formats and an idea of what they’re for. What can a Kindle do with all this flexibility in file types? It allows you to view and use so many types of media from documents to movies to music.

The information on the formats supported are from Amazon and could change to include additional versions with new software or hardware updates in the future.

It is fair to say that the Amazon Kindle Fire HD (the newest line of Kindles) is not only the hottest selling tablet under $200, but it transformed the industry and is forcing Apple and others to rethink their high-priced strategies. With the features now available on a Kindle, there is only a small percentage of the population who would need to fork over hundreds more for an iGadget.

So lets look at all the formats that your Kindle will support.


List Of Kindle Supported Formats

kindle supported formatsThis list of Kindle supported formats is current as of writing, and it shows that the list of ways you can use a Kindle is quite simply amazing. Of course it supports all of the top audio and video formats, but this superstar tablet shows its muscle by supporting loads of document and even PDF formats.

This list is provided by Amazon: “Kindle (AZW), KF8, TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively, Audible Enhanced format (AAX), DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3), non-DRM AAC, MP3, MIDI, PCM/WAVE, OGG, WAV, MP4, AAC LC/LTP, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, HTML5, CSS3, 3GP, VP8(.webm)”

To help make sense of these, here’s a run down on the purpose of each of these kindle formats.

  • Kindle proprietary AZW is a format used for reading e-books, and its virtually the same as Mobipocket (MOBI), which the Kindle also supports.
  • KF8 stands for Kindle Format 8, and this is for publishers who want to write and publish books and ebooks on Amazon. Its based loosely on the ePub format but includes enhancements such as including HTML5 and CSS3 support.
  • TXT is the basic Text reader used by virtually every device and platform.
  • PDF stands for Portable Document Format and it, too, is a universal format used to share documents across platforms and devices.
  • Unprotected MOBI is merely stating that the Kindle can read books and documents that were encoded using the MOBI format in unprotected or non-DRM form.
  • PRC stands for Product Representation Compact, and its a standard used to embed 3D objects into a pdf for file sharing. This is useful in engineering, for example, where 3D renderings are important but need to be included in pdf documents.
  • AAX is the format used by and their audio book offerings. These can be in AA or AAX formats, with AAX being the high quality rendition.
  • DOC much like TXT mentioned earlier, is a universal document format used by virtually every single device and platform.
  • DOCX is an Office Open XML format used for spreadsheets and similar documents.
  • JPEG is the most common format for photographs and images and is merely a compression format that allows the user to set the level of compression to better control the amount of quality loss.
  • GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and is one of the oldest image formats in use. GIF images are compressed, but their quality is not able to match that potential of JPEG images due to GIF’s using a maximum of 8 bits per pixel, for a color palette of only 256 colors.
  • PNG is an acronym for Portable Network Graphics and is yet another image compression format that was developed as a replacement for GIF, yet for day to day use GIF stills remains more common.
  • BMP stands for Bitmap, and is a bitmap image file. It is an older format still in use, primarily for simple images and icons.
  • AC-3 is a standard audio compression format developed by Dolby Digital.
  • E-AC-3 is the enhanced and newer standard. Both are Kindle supported formats.
  • Non-DRM AAC Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is the standard format used to compress audio files, and this is increasingly surpassing MP3 in use and preference because it can achieve higher quality in comparable package sizes. Non-DRM simply means the file is not copy-protected. If you’re familiar with iTunes then you know that when you download an audio file it’s in AAC format, and protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). The “Non-DRM AAC” format we’re talking about here on the Kindle is just saying you cannot play iTunes audio files on this device.
  • MP3 is known by most people as the audio file format. It derived its name from the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) which developed it, and is simply an audio compression format that is universally recognized and playable.
  • MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and simply describes a universal protocol used so that various devices can communicate and coordinate with one another without worry of formatting conflicts.
  • WAVE is the Waveform Audio File Format, or WAV, an older audio compression format developed by Microsoft and IBM to create a standard to store audio files on personal computers.
  • OGG is a file format not common to most consumers, and is used primarily for compressing multimedia files.
  • MP4 – Unlike OOG, MP4 is the more common multimedia file format you will come across. Its a modern compression format that can achieve high quality in smaller packages. Both audio and video files can use the MP4 form, and additional data such as Closed Captioning can be included in the file.
  • AAC LC/LTP We already discussed AAC above, and the LC/LTP version is simply to more specific variances, the Low-Complexity (LC) and Long Term Production (LTP), neither of which are particularly important for consumer to know about.
  • HE-AACv1 and HE-AACv2 are acronyms for High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding and are considered to be within the MPEG 4 profile… these were designed specifically to allow audio files to be compressed in such a way as to retain their quality while be used in streaming applications.
  • AMR-NB and AMR-WB are Adaptive Multi-Rate audio formats that are also used in streaming audio applications. These are really just extensions of the AAC LC mentioned earlier.
  • HTML5 is HyperText Markup Language revision 5. HTML is simply the markup language used to write web pages in a way that is standardized so that browsers can interpret and render them for users. HTML5 is the newest revision and supports all earlier versions of HTML.
  • CSS3 is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets and is used to standardize the way documents (particularly web pages) are stylized.
  • 3GP this is the standardized format for playing multimedia on 3G phones.
  • VP8 is a new video compression file format that isn’t yet very common, though the Kindle is prepared to handle them when we begin to see this file type more often.

This is a comprehensive list of Kindle supported formats as of writing, if you know of any I missed contact me and I’ll update the list.

Read this full review and find out what a kindle can do.

Amazing Selling Machine, Maybe

Lots of reasons why people choose to work from home

Sick Of Working For Someone Else

I just finished watching a video by Matt Clark about a new “Ultimate Promotion System” called the Amazon Money Machine (or Amazing Selling Machine in some spots) which claims to show you how to sell on Amazon and make a lot of money. There is no doubt that money can be made on Amazon, and the Selling Machine they are talking about might be quite amazing, but let’s face it, millions and millions of products are being sold on Amazon so there is tight competition in a very small space; searches from “within” Amazon itself.

Because of that I think that the best opportunities for making real money still rests in having your own blogs or websites, which can be set up in minutes if you have the right tools (mostly free). Here’s why I say that… if you are selling directly on Amazon, in their arena, you are limited to their rules and your efforts are all placed into their systems. That is, all the work you put in to the business resides on “their” websites which they can remove at any time. Not that they would, of course, but for the sake of argument it needs to be said. The Amazing Selling Machine bases its success on building an Amazon “store front” and then you compete for sales against all other Amazon sellers and products. And using the ultimate promotion system, which does look good, you are said to be able to drive traffic to your product page.

On the other hand. If you own your own blogs (which again, take literally a few hours to set up) then YOU control the content, you control where you market and which products to sell, you can market products outside of Amazon (though you may still choose to have an Amazon store front), and you own the real estate on which you build your business and your efforts are sewn into something you own, rather than putting everything into the hands of someone else, who could pull it at any time. Again, I’m not saying that these systems won’t work, maybe they do. But are YOU willing to fork out almost $1,000 to find out? That is a LOT of money. And frankly I question why anyone who is making SO much money would want SO much of YOUR money to show you the “secret.Awesome-Marketing-Engine

Instead, I think there is a MUCH easier path to finding success online and without mortgaging your house. Andrew Hansen (creator of Forever Affiliate) has not only talked success, he’s living it. He’s not selling you a dream for the cost of a car, but instead he’s sharing what many people believe is the true path to online success with proven techniques (not concepts, either, but step by step training) that the top performers use. So many times when people get the idea that they want to have a home business and work online, they start a directionless search to find out how to do it. What ends up happening is that they read pitch after pitch, different points of views from different experts, and end up much more confused than they were when they started out. Or worse, they buy in to every program they come across which promises to show them the “secrets.” In the end they have less money and no progress. Again, I’m not even hinting that the Ultimate Promotion System falls into this category, it doesn’t, I’m just making a general point. Paralysis by analysis really does kill the dreams of most people looking for success online.

Andrew does something different. He “teaches” you how to have success doing one thing well, selling online. When you look at the testimonials he has received, many of them are from the VERY BEST in the business, not from someone you’ve never heard of. Here’s the bottom line, whether you keep chasing the confusing trail of internet success pebbles or jump in with your whole heart and commit to stop the madness, is up to you. See what Andrew has to say. See how little he charges to train you (we’re talking about the price of dinner and a movie, not almost $1,000 like the Amazon Money Machine and most other “programs”). See what others have to say about him. You owe yourself that much.

Visit Andrew’s Forever Affiliate page.

Image by  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District

Prepare Now For Your Camping Trip

Millions of families spend their vacations away from home on a camping trip, and many more take short get-a-ways on the weekend. Whatever your reason, you can make sure that your family has loads of fun by preparing ahead of time with a camping checklist. Nothing ruins a vacation quicker than a leaky tent or finding out that someone forgot their vital prescription medication.

The first thing you should do is set up a camping checklist. This list will be different for every camping trip because the weather, location and activities will be different. Even the number and ages of people in the party may be different. So your list will start with the essentials, such as medications, food, water and shelter… the things you need in order to survive.

Camping essentials are not something to be taken lightly. Many people think that since they’re packing food and water there’s no reason to go “over board” with a checklist. They would be wrong. Each year a lot of people are injured, become sick, or even die while camping and hiking, and often times it could have been avoided. For example, forgetting someone’s diabetic medication and discovering it only after you’ve settled in to your remote camp could be dangerous.

So on your list start with medications. Be sure to take plenty for the length of your trip, and if it’s medication that is essential (your life depends on it) then be sure to locate a pharmacy nearby and print out a map of its location, along with their phone number and address, and also include the name and strength of your prescription, along with the name and phone number of your home pharmacy. That way if disaster strikes and you lose your prescription or it becomes damaged (gets wet), then you can more easily fix the situation.

The next item on your essentials list is water. Will there be resupply locations near you? Have you mapped them out? Do you have the means to carry and treat unsafe water if you had to? Never go camping or hiking without the added means of purifying your own water. Safe drinking water is so vital to your survival that you simply cannot take it for granted when outdoors. Always have at least a small packet of chemical treatment tablets (chlorine or iodine) in your pack, so if you have to rush out, or are away on a day hike, you have them with you.

If yours is an extended camping trip then plan your meals out each day, that way you can keep track of how much food you’ll need. Pack extra food. Always keep a small amount of shelf stable foods in your pack as extra food. Again, if you have to rush out or you get lost on a day hike then you’ll have something to eat until you’re rescued or find your way back.

Next you must consider the first aid kit. No camper or hiker should ever be found without one, yet surprisingly so many are. Something as minor as a small cut can turn deadly (and has) if it’s not properly cleaned and treated. In addition, something as common as a headache can ruin an otherwise fun-filled trip. Not to mention what ailments such as diarrhea can mean. A well stocked first aid is a must.

Finally, on the “essentials” list consider your shelter. Not only are you putting a check mark next to the tent, you need to set it up, check for damage, and re-seal the seams and waterproof it if necessary. Having experienced a leaking tent high in the Rockies in near freezing night-time temperatures, I can assure you that it’s a problem you would rather avoid.

Next up you’ll start preparing for the non-essential items. In this section you’ll consider items such as toiletries, extra clothing, games and entertainment, fishing equipment, flashlights, batteries, etc… Here is where the individuality of your trip comes in to play. Will you be fishing, hiking, swimming, golfing, kiting? Plan ahead, think about the activities that you plan on doing and then make sure they’re on your list. If you’re going to fish, do you have a fishing license for that area? If not, where can you get it? Does your fishing reel have good line on it? These are the things that you can think about now to make certain that you have fun, later.

To anyone who doesn’t use a camping checklist this might all seem overly complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of resources to help you design your own unique list and show you how to go about it in an orderly way. Once you start using a checklist you will find that it’s actually very rewarding to have the peace of mind that you’ve taken everything you need, and that you don’t have that nagging question in the back of your mind, “what if.”

Here are some great resources to get you started:
Camping Checklist
Massive camping resource page: Camping Articles

Finally, be sure to get in on the new paracord craze and learn how to make some cool stuff… learn how to make a paracord bracelet.

Check Out The Paracord Bracelet Patterns

For a long time now I have been crafting things out of paracord, mostly out of need. I hike and backpack a lot and during those 4 and 5 day outings it is likely that I’ll find a need for some extra cordage, which is where having my paracord bracelets comes in handy. I’ve used it to hang my food bag in bear country, fix a broken guy line, rig a failing strap on my pack, and countless other ways. More recently I’ve started making things just to be creative, and it’s fun, too! Now I have friends and family asking how to make paracord bracelet and about the different types of things you can make with the 550 cord.

There are so many designs and patterns to use when making paracord bracelets that it helps to have a resource you can trust. I found this article at Squidoo about some really cool paracord bracelet patterns, such as the Saw Tooth weave, which I’ve been wanting to try. I can’t help it, these bracelets are so much fun to make that I’m really addicted! I’ve even started making other things and am even planning to make a belt, which is how I found this paracord pattern article in the first place. There is another article on the side release buckles that you use when you make the bracelets which will come in handy as well.

If you’re new to making paracord stuff like this, then check out the article I’ve written about before, How To Make a Paracord Bracelet, which will take you through the process, step by step, and make it easy to understand. A local school in the area is even starting to make these for their own fundraisers, after reading about how some people make these bracelets in their school’s colors. Plus, they just look cool. Have a look, and let me know what you think… have you started making paracord bracelets, too?

Nike Air Yeezy 2 Releasing Soon

Just like the recent hoopla over the Nike release of the Foamposite Galaxy, the masses are clamoring for more information on the upcoming release of the Air Yeezy 2 line. As of now, no one knows for sure when they will release, although it’s rumored to be a late March 2012 release. Even Nike has failed to give us much information about the new Air Yeezys, instead choosing to keep true to form and stay mum on any details or specifics right up until release date. I’m the type of guy who likes to know everything I can about this kind of stuff so I tend to get miffed when I find Nike being so tight lipped.

So like most of you I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to find what information I can, and aside from from some images of the Yeezys that Ye himself has been sporting there’s not much to be found. I did come across one article over at Squidoo titled simply “Air Yeezy 2“. It seems to have a good mix of photos, news and information and is generally a good read for anyone wanting to know more about the Air Yeezy 2 lineup, which according to the article I referenced there will be a total of 5 colorways in this release- 3 in the U.S., 1 for Asia and 1 for Europe.

I am suspecting that this release will be as hot and chaotic as the recent release of the Galaxy Foamposites, but given Nike’s lack of information we just don’t know. I would like to know where they’ll be released (will any online vendors get some Yeezys to stock), what their retail price will be, etc… So like you I’ll keep searching for answers and will post what I find. If you’re planning on getting a pair of these hot sneakers plan on having some cash and plenty of time to camp for them.

Camping Season Means Camping Checklist

Know Everything - Camping ChecklistIt’s that time of year again and everyone is hustling to get their gear cleaned up and ready for another year of camping fun and adventure. And it also means that people will start scrambling for a complete and informative camping checklist to give themselves a head start. When I was looking myself I came across a great article at Squidoo titled Camping Checklist and Camping Tips and I have to say it’s a really well written article with lots of good ideas I hadn’t thought of before. In my quest to know everything I found it to be very helpful.

When I go camping with my family we almost always forget to pack something, or don’t pack enough, but starting now I’ll be using a simple camping checklist myself to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Granted, we usually camp within driving distance of a town so in a pinch we could always get what we needed, but its always better to be prepared. I had never thought about taking a kite or slingshot for having fun at camp with our kids, but next time we’ll add those to our list.

We always pitch our tent near lakes so we have plenty of fishing and swimming opportunities, and so we can get water for camp (we purify it first, of course). One of the things I really look forward to is sitting around the campfire at night with our kids roasting marshmallows. For my wife the best part is hiking nearby trails during the day and so we always make sure that we’ve marked the trails and our camp on the map first, and we take a compass and each of us (kids included) has a backpack with water and snack, and of course rain gear.

Camping has become a huge part of our lives and we do our best to know everything we can about camping safety and the outdoors. Anytime you’ll be spending time outdoors with your family make sure you take a little time to know everything that you can, too, so that your family is safe and that you all have a great time. Nothing ruins a vacation quicker than finding out your tent leaks or forgetting someones medicine.

Gift Ideas For Valentines Day and Special Occassions

Valentines Day LoveWe’ve all been there, in the hunt for something special for the person in our life who we love more than anything. The problem is that we want to get them something unique, something that they’ll enjoy, but that desire for perfection ultimately becomes the roadblock that stands in our way. That’s why this article I found at Squidoo titled “Good Ideas For Valentines Day – Romantic Gestures” is worthy of a mention here.

Another problem many of us face is how much to spend and will the recipient think its as special as we did, will they enjoy it, and will it have the impact we intended? Love is about togetherness, sharing and caring. Its true that money isn’t a condition of love nor a reflection of love’s depth, but when possible its those gifts and romantic gestures that remind them why and how how much we love them. It’s like adding another piece of wood to a fire or fueling up your car… the little things in life that we do to express our love really do matter.

Valentine’s Day, while not really having anything to do with Saint Valentine in terms of how we celebrate it (there’s a great section in the article at Squidoo about this), is a special day for us to take a moment to express our love. Lovers the world over celebrate love on February 14th and there’s no day which comes close to the level of expression seen on Valentine’s Day. And it starts early! Even small children in schools across the globe share special Valentines and romantic gestures with the special one in their hearts.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a truly special day. Spend less time worrying about what gift you’re going to give your love and more time enjoying the person and showing them every day that you love them. After all, that daily expression of love will be more valuable and eternal than anything you could possibly buy.

Make a Paracord Bracelet – Cool Survival Wear

Paracord Bracelet With Cobra Weave

Make A Paracord Bracelet - Be Cool Like Me

Make a Paracord Bracelet, that’s the title of an article I recently came across over at Squidoo. Now I’m like you, I’ve always seen those Bear Grylls looking survival bracelets but judging from the looks of them didn’t think I’d have the patience to make a paracord bracelet myself. But after reading this article I’ve not only made my own bracelets, I’m now branching out! I’ve made these woven lanyards (if you can even call them that) for key chains, backpack hangs, etc… I’ve come to realize that not everything is as difficult as it seems if you’ll only try. And I’m not on a “real” quest to know everything, despite the title of my site, my real goal is to keep learning… as much as I can.

I was recently visiting a Survival website which had some paracord stuff on it. Now if you’re at all like you me you somehow find yourself meandering all across God’s web creation because you see a link and follow it to who knows where. But this survival website caught my attention (alright, so its not to hard to do, right) because as I began reading the website I realized that hey, they’re right… I am NOT prepared for any type of emergency or disaster. If I cant get Cheez-It’s and Dr Pepper I’ll likely starve or die of dehydration!

So aside from reading lots of articles I found myself becoming a wandering (if not lost) soul of sorts on a quest to know everything I can about anything I can. So my latest kick is to learn more about survival and what it means to be prepared, or even more specifically what it is about basic life skills that I can learn, that are truly second nature to a lot of people around the world and were to our ancestors as well, but we’ve somehow totally lost touch with. I’m just saying, don’t think I’ve fallen off my rocker if you see a post or two about something survival related… it’s just me being me. And besides, when the poop hits the fan I’ll be the one sporting the coolest survival bracelet in the woods.

If you haven’t yet, subscribe to my feed via your reader or e-mail (my preference, too).. I’m just getting started with this crazy website and I’d like you to join me, and hey, if you have something you want to say send it to me and I’ll post it, too!

Facebook IPO – Does Mark Zuckerberg Know Everything

Does Mark Zuckerberg know everything, is he ‘really’ that good? In what is without question the hottest topic among financiers and investors, the looming Facebook IPO has searches for Facebook

Mark  Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg - Does He Know Everything?

IPO stock and Facebook IPO price soaring through the roof. And it’s not just consumers, the media is an a virtual frenzy over the Facebook IPO that is expected to raise about $10 billion and value the company at up to $125 billion, making it the largest initial public offering (IPO) by an internet company in history. Even the Sydney Morning Herald wrote in an article titled “Wall Street holds its breath as Facebook ponders a float” that the “question on everyone’s lips is will Facebook ‘do a Google’ – partially avoiding the Wall Street banking community and creating a retail offer via a so-called Dutch auction?” Such speculation (and whether or not Zuckerberg is really that smart, hence the know everything title play) and uncertainty have fueled the Facebook IPO frenzy, and not so much the particular Facebook IPO price.

Despite the economic uncertainties across the globe, the Facebook IPO and entry into the stock market has a lot of people excited and searching to know everything they can, and the excitement is not so much related to the Facebook IPO stock or IPO price as it is to where Facebook is heading. Then there are those who aren’t quite so thrilled with this whole Facebook IPO thingy. CNBC wrote a great article about this called “Yahoo’s Next Problem: Facebook IPO.” Specifically, Yahoo finds itself in a bit of a conundrum as Facebook looks poised to not only have the intent to challenge Yahoo for the hearts and eyes of the masses, but may well soon have the capital to make it happen. Yahoo, long the internet darling for it’s dominant service of the information sector, has been feeling the pinch as Facebook exploits it capabilities to utilize “personal references and recommendations via the Facebook platform. Wherever the Facebook IPO price lands is irrelevant to this bigger picture for internet businesses who may be in the sights of Facebook.

For the media’s part, though, who could blame them for all the Facebook IPO hoopla. After the Facebook IPO stock sale begins, Facebook will be one of the top three companies in the United States if their IPO valuation lands them in the $100 billion (plus) range. As the Wall Street Journal writes “only a few dozen companies in the country have bigger market values than Facebook would have. PepsiCo. is about $100 billion. Citigroup is smaller than $100 billion. ConcoPhillips is smaller. Zowie.” Zowie is right! The historical powerhouse Yahoo and Google are certainly taking note of how the Facebook IPO price question plays out, and we’ll all be waiting for the final curtain to see if Mark Zuckerberg really did know everything.

Know Everything About Finance Yahoo and Finance Google

In 2012, especially to start the year, people will be scrambling to sites like finance Yahoo and finance Google pages in an attempt to know

Percentage Yield

Finance Yahoo vs Finance Google

everything about their finance and to determine how their going to direct their finances in the coming year and to evaluate trends and concerns. Finance Yahoo has long been a web leader for those seeking to know everything (robust site features) and for accurate and timely information in the world of finance, and finance Google has made significant strides of late to compete for a significant portion of that traffic. The fact that Yahoo was one of the early contenders to stake a claim in web finance has seemingly cemented their foothold.

Finance is important to many people, and of particular importance this year due largely to the ongoing world economic crisis and current concerns fueled largely by the looming 2012 related doomsday predictions and upcoming U.S. Presidential elections. In fact, searches for and at finance Yahoo seem to be up significantly in the short term and the same, to a lesser degree at finance Google. Wikipedia states about finance that it is “often defined simply as the management of money or “funds” management. Modern finance, however, is a family of business activity that includes the origination, marketing, and management of cash and money surrogates through a variety of capital accounts, instruments, and markets created for transacting and trading assets, liabilities, and risks.” More and more families are making smart finance a part of their lives and that has a lot to do with the popularity of finance sites like finance Yahoo and finance Google, and why searches related to finance are up starkly as people seek to know everything they can about the future of their finance portfolios.

From a practical standpoint, finance Yahoo seems to be geared towards and driven to serve those seeking robust information (to know everything). A quick glance at the finance Yahoo page while writing this revealed more than 75 headlines and article links, while finance Google has a mere dozen or so. What finance Google does well is serve the “no time to waste” crowd with their quick snapshot of what’s happening right now, ranging from stock prices and trends to world market indicators. Finance Yahoo, as expected, take this “snapshot” service considerably further by adding things such as Mortgage Rates, Market Movers, Videos, breaking news and info into segments such as Personal Finance and Lifelong Investing. But Yahoo and Google are not alone, to be sure. Among the top search results for finance are big players like finance pages at Reuters and CNN.

Depending on your needs both finance Yahoo and finance Google are top notch, for sure, it’s just a comparison for those who may already use one but weren’t too familiar with the other finance information service. For many the no frills design and layout of finance Google is a winner, especially among the ultra-elite who want a right now snapshot or markets and trends. Most likely those people use both finance Yahoo and finance Google to meet different needs at different times. If you’re the type of person who wants to know everything about finance then you’ll most likely use an assortment of these services anyway, so the argument of which is better is a mute point.