Camping Season Means Camping Checklist

Know Everything - Camping ChecklistIt’s that time of year again and everyone is hustling to get their gear cleaned up and ready for another year of camping fun and adventure. And it also means that people will start scrambling for a complete and informative camping checklist to give themselves a head start. When I was looking myself I came across a great article at Squidoo titled Camping Checklist and Camping Tips and I have to say it’s a really well written article with lots of good ideas I hadn’t thought of before. In my quest to know everything I found it to be very helpful.

When I go camping with my family we almost always forget to pack something, or don’t pack enough, but starting now I’ll be using a simple camping checklist myself to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Granted, we usually camp within driving distance of a town so in a pinch we could always get what we needed, but its always better to be prepared. I had never thought about taking a kite or slingshot for having fun at camp with our kids, but next time we’ll add those to our list.

We always pitch our tent near lakes so we have plenty of fishing and swimming opportunities, and so we can get water for camp (we purify it first, of course). One of the things I really look forward to is sitting around the campfire at night with our kids roasting marshmallows. For my wife the best part is hiking nearby trails during the day and so we always make sure that we’ve marked the trails and our camp on the map first, and we take a compass and each of us (kids included) has a backpack with water and snack, and of course rain gear.

Camping has become a huge part of our lives and we do our best to know everything we can about camping safety and the outdoors. Anytime you’ll be spending time outdoors with your family make sure you take a little time to know everything that you can, too, so that your family is safe and that you all have a great time. Nothing ruins a vacation quicker than finding out your tent leaks or forgetting someones medicine.